Tuesday, June 1, 2010

because it feels like stealing hearts calling your name from the crowd

dear maria, count me in <3
duddeee. its like the first day of winter today. and it was a pretty good day :)
clear skies and the cold winter air. perfect. plus the fact that there were crunchy leaves to go out of my way and step on them. brilliant.

plus. my room is actually clean for once its amazing, i don't know what's gotten into me.

on the weekend i watched both toy story's not because im lame because let me just say toy story is the bomb. i grew up with it and know almost every single line and i am pretty proud i must say

like aren't those the most totally awesome shoes ever!?

my goal in life is to get boots like the girl in the picture and get my very own woody and buzz doll. i might in fact get the whole collection. as barney would say 'challenge accepted!' except with more gusto. i assure you, hopefully i will have the entire toy story collection by the time i day. hopefully :)

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

hey moon please forget to fall down

fine people. i apologize false impressions. of course i don't drink we used soft drinks for the game circle of death :)

Sunday, May 23, 2010

you look kinda cuuttee in that polka dot bikini giirrrllll

firstly a shout out to all my murdoch friends who are at this moment locked in their bedrooms studying away for their exams. as i cannot see them for a whole month i miss you guuysssss and good luck on the rest of your exams. its been too long :)

i walk up to the door and i hear someone shouting my name and i turn around and who do i see? sherlynn of course, her car driving up to the house and the car door suspiciously open as she tries to get my attention. we walk in and see at least 30 shoes piled on top of each other. a lot of people i must say.

last night was anthony's birthday party and its the most fun i've had in a quite a while. and i thought i would be a good little blogger and write it here while it was still fresh in my mind. i still think people need to loosen up and dance more. it seemed like me, astri, eugenia and sherlynn were the only ones rocking out to 'i'm in miami bitch' which might i add is a really catchy song. so i took the liberty of showing it to you all :)

we danced in the rain, we found a revolutionary way to cure pimples. that is using the go duster! and for only $29.95 you too can own this miracle treatment and if you call within the next 10 minutes we'll not only give you one, but two go dusters and if you pay with your credit card, we'll also throw in another duster head!
haha great night. we watched as people ding dong ditched someones house. they then proceeded to walk outside to see who was making all that noise and poor kevin was stuck in the bush for at least 5 minutes waiting for the person to go back inside. jasmine and i killed zombies on call of duty because we cool like that and eugenia is the best (; .. she knows what i mean.

i don't want to jinx it or anything because i always seem to do that when i really want something. but there might be a good chance, i-really-hope-so that we might might might go to bali in july. i am super excited but don't want to set anything in stone. fingers crossed and touch wood. i also found out there is a topshop shop (haha) in bali. wooooooooooo :)
fake raybans and dvd's here i come!

and olivia. get a blog. and also get lookbook :) you know you want to.

i want to change my blog? sooo out goes homework day. so much to do i haven't even had time to be lazy this sunday. and i still have to download every song by the strokes because julian casablancas' voice is just too sexy.

i feel an all-nighter coming on.

and social dancing is now fun :) so glad. i guess its just that first lesson. although it doesn't help when you have to dance with a few... not so great people but luckily there's not too many :D

Friday, May 21, 2010

so long live the car crash hearts

gosshhhh such a terrible blogger to leave you all hanging like that. to catch you up recently i went to sherlynn's birthday party and the highlight of the night was circle of death. now, its quite a complicated game to get your head around if you don't know what it is and it took me a while to understand it all. so click on this oh so handy link :D after that we hopped in a car to the melville civic centre to watch our friends perform at a korean festival. sadly i left before they could dance D:

is it a bird? is it a plane? is it a skirt? hey look, they're shorts!
prettiest pair of shorts around from topshop - might sorta kinda beg my mum to get them for me if she has the time since she's still in jakarta. and the fact that i only found out they had topshop and forever21 just last week. faiill

where could you get such an epic wallet? why fred flare of course! your one stop shop for all things awesome :) and for any of you that have taken the venture into fremantle or leederville recently and visited a store by the name of "store" than fred flare is the bigger, better, been-around-longer american version

Sunday, May 9, 2010

i know that she knows that i'm not fond of asking

i think you should listen to this song while you read the post below. just because i was listening to it and its an awesome song :)